I have an EA running, can I copy it to multiple accounts?

Sure. A lot of our traders do this and are very satisfied with the results.

What is your refund policy?

If you are unsatisfied with the product within 7 days of purchase, you can get a full refund.

Does It work on a VPS Server?

Yes it does. In fact, we recommend the use of a VPS server to ensure you have a 100% connection and no outages in your signals.

Does my pc have to be running for TradeCopier to work?

Yes, it does. TradeCopier works as a MT4 Expert Advisor and therefore both Master and Slave(s) need to have the pc running and the MT4 Trading Platform on. In fact, we recommend the use of a VPS server to ensure you have a 100% connection and no outages in your signals.

Does it work with different brokers?

Yes. You can copy your trades from one broker to another. TradeCopier is compatible with any brokers, but only with MT4 Trading Platform.

Do you offer a Free Trial/Demo?

We are happy to provide you with a fully functional 7-day free trial. Click to get the trial.

How easy is it to set up?

Very easy. If you can install an Expert Advisor, you can get this to work for you. Full instructions are provided. Also, please check the videos in our homepage.

How Fast Does It Copy Trades?

Our statistics show that 98% of the trades are processed in less than 1 second. The remaining 2% may experience longer delays due to exterior factors to TradeCopier. Some examples include network latency, broker acceptance of the order, busyness of the market, etc.

Can I upgrade/downgrade?

Yes, of course. You can upgrade and downgrade your subscription at any time. Upgrades become immediately available in your account after the upgrade payment. Downgrades are reflected in your subscription payment on the month after your downgrade request.

Do you accept payment other than paypal?

If you would like to pay via a different method please contact us with your proposal.

How long after my order will I receive my set-up instructions?

Your order will be processed within 24 hours. During this time, you will be emailed full set-up instructions, download link and licence information. If you have not received a set-up email from us after 24 hours from your order please contact us

Does the copier have a reverse-trading feature?

No, not yet but we're working on it.

Does the tradecopier have to be on the same computer?

No. It will copy trades across different computers, in different locations. It will also copy across multiple metatrader platforms on the same computer.

Can you adjust the trade sizes for the slave accounts?

Yes, you can use a DivideRate parameter. For instance, you can trade 1 lot on the master and 4 lots on the slave (DivideRate=4.0). Inversely, 4 lots on the master and 1 lots on the slave is also possible (DivideRate=0.25).

Can it Copy other Instruments such as Gold or Indices?

Yes, you can copy all trades available in the MT4 platform.

Can it be integrated with paypal/clickbank?

No, not yet.

Does the Tradecopier have a money management feature?

No. The Slave has to adjust the size of their account by the DivideRate parameter. There is no %risk circuit-breaker.

What trades does the tradecopier copy?

All trades initiated from the master account. Automatic trades (from other EAs, for example) and manual trades.

My trade wasn't executed on the slave account. Why?

These are some of the most probable causes:

  • Price Slippage. When the trade was to be executed by the Slave, its price has moved too far away from the allowed slippage defined by the PriceDiffAcceptedPips parameter in the Slave configuration. This is a safety control parameter and you can set its value according to your criteria.
  • Symbol mismatch. Please make sure that the trade's symbol exists on both Master and Slave MT4 platform. You may need to adjust the PairSuffix and/or PairPrefix parameters in the Slave configuration.
  • Pending order. By default the Master doesn't copy Pending Orders. If you want to copy Pending Orders you need to adjust the CopyMarketOrdersOnly parameter to FALSE in the Master configuration.
  • The Slave was offline when the trade was opened by the Master. In order for the Slave to process the trades coming from the Master, it needs to be online at all times. We advise the use of a VPS.
Why I haven't received my licence info yet?

Please contact us and make sure that our emails are not blocked by your spam filters.

If I run Tradecopier on a VPS, can i get signals broadcasted to my home computer?


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